Friday, June 26, 2009

.... hahaha! you are soooo funny my nff... youre always a validation that i am a woman and that i am human! sorry if u havent heard from me for quiet a while, never get the chance to call or text you since our time is crazy different and i dont want to text w/ no replies?! hahaha
everything is fine over here. i might have few assignments somewhere else for a couple of months and i hope i can drop by cdo again before the year ends. geeese! i will be bringing all my school and paperworks with me! da da da!
oh well, i hope to catch you soon. i have read your blogs so i responded here too. i know your checking ur sites and blogs everyday so i know u'll gonna read me after this... i'll let u know for other concerns i might have about it, but it's doin' pretty well and i guess its all ok now.
ciao my nff! wish to see you back when i get back.... mwah!

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