Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have been blogging long enough that I even forgot my password back when I decided to let go of it. In my blogs I always intend to express what I thought, to inform and educate what has to be known for some who dont have the access for such an information. I never intend my blogging to be the spree of mediocrity. I heartfully would love to have a blogging site free from indifference if possible, injustice if applicable and downsides as much as possible. But everyone knows it'll be impossible and I should know too. Because we cater different moods and emotions when we come up with a blog and I know most blogs are opinionated if not one sided. Im aware there are 3 great sides of the story, in a situation that recalls, it is essential that all three sides shall be considered or else a bias judgment will come to flow and we dont want that; no one want that.

In our quest to see the light and justice, it is very essential that all sides should be heard. Some truths of today are really excruciatingly painful, even disgusting and very uncomfortable and I should know that. Repeatedly I will not be ashame that I too once crunch the harsh reality of life. And good enough I never had my grudge and anger over power me, with the grace from above and with the help of some friends I was able to think clearly as to what I should do and not do, having known the fact of a child involved not to mention a career and reputation to conceal I was able to have at least a family that this child if not could brag but can consider in her future.

Lucky enough I listened and pondered. What if I did the other way around? As others were suggesting me to do? Will I have a life better than what I have now? Will it be as peaceful as what I have now? Then I realize the true meaning of sacrifice and love. I had the excruciating pain fair enough to have my world stop for awhile but it didnt lasts. Wherever side of the story the situation may ask you to endure, it is always better to have a sound judgment not basing on the pain you feel but on the future at stake, for yourself and for the one you love. We can never have an impartial judgment when we feel pain and that is why conflicts and misunderstanding comes in.

I sacrificed my anger and my strong will to get even. I felt betrayed and humiliated after what he did. But everything is too late for him now and unluckily he will never have my love he used to have. Over time my anger has passed. Now Im a lot stronger, a lot wiser and more careful.

Im looking forward for a better tomorrow for the child... And that I will pray.


dharlz said...
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stirred but not shaken said...
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stirred but not shaken said...

???. the idea is very welcome. i will let you know when i get back to cdo, *wink*