Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blah blah blah

I know you're checking on me.... so read and understand!
How funny of you becoming freak and paranoid about something that do not exists. I shall inform you just in case you do not know or maybe you know but you cant do something about it. The real horror is right infront of you, close to where you are located and near enough to snitch your breathing apparatus. Remember when I told you I'll get back at you because Im not done yet? Huh?! I guess I have already forgotten 'em but since your starting all over again and trying to put up a fight?! Then Im sorry because I will not step down to your level, I dont fight with loosers and soon to be loosers. And oh! my mom told me too never to fight with ugly people as these ugly people dont have anything to loose.
Dont whine on me on your misfortune and on what your ordeal is right now. What you have right now is the price you have to pay for the things you have done before. And you should be thinking straight, straight enough not to blame others about all of this but yourself! And please, stop sending me sms and private msgs online, its not me who needs them its you.

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