Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thank YOU

Happy regardless, is what and where I am right now. Thankfully I have this from within, though at times things are not happening the way I want them.. Well guess what?! it turned out to be what is more than Im wanting! I always believe that things happens for a reason and purpose. It may be very hurtful, upsetting and discouraging but at the end of the day it all boils down as to what have you done, how much effort you have exerted and how much Faith you've had with all the circumcetances of life we've been facing. As I always reminded, whatever we have right now is the sum of the things we did and that if you want to receive goodness, you have to be good yourself.
Yes, we are human and part of it are unfairness, lies, insecurities, failures, success and etc., and because of this, we may not get what is due to us or give what is due to others. But it doesnt end there, because if we humans wasnt able to recognize what is due to ourselves then there is always what we called Divine Intervention and everything will not gone to waste.
I may not have tried and tasted all kinds of pain and happiness other people does. But I sure know what are these, and was proud enough that I was able to pull it through and be happy regardless.
Thank you!

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